30th Aug, 2017

Scarless Surgery

It is not uncommon for patients who come to see me to express some surprise when told that their surgery will result in scarring.

Scarring is a completely normal and an expected result of any trauma to the skin whether it occur after injury or elective surgery.

ScarsAs a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, I utilise techniques that may minimise visible scars, hiding them in natural skin creases and orientating them in such a way that they heal almost imperceptibly. As well as using meticulous suturing technique, appropriate suture type and size will ensure that your scarring is kept to a minimum. I will also remove your sutures in a timely manner as leaving sutures in for too long can oftentimes lead to poor scarring and the typical “railroad track” type of scar.

There are, however, certain skin types and particular areas of the body that often times produce thicker or more noticeable scars. These are known as hypertrophic scars. Body sites where this type of scarring may be more commonly seen include the back, shoulders and chest, and the earlobes.

Fortunately, scars do improve with time, and I can suggest various options that you can utilise following your surgery to improve and minimise any noticeable scars. There are a variety of topical products that can be used and I am able to guide you in the right direction to ensure that your wounds following your surgery heal with the best scars possible.

Dr. Adrian SjarifMake an appointment to see me in my rooms at Wollongong, Kogarah or Miranda to discuss your next cosmetic or reconstructive surgery procedure.

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